2023 SREI Resident Award for Excellence in REI

 2023 SREI Resident Award for Excellence in REI

Award Description:  This award recognizes one resident (any PGY-level) from each Ob/Gyn Residency Program in the United States, who demonstrates commitment and excellence caring for women in the field of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (REI).  The resident additionally shows a special interest, dedication, and commitment to learning in the field of human reproduction 

Program Level Award:  Award certificates will be sent to each program who nominates an awardee. 

National Level Award:  Five (5) awardees will be selected to receive a monetary award ($1500).  The award (check) will be sent to the awardees, with the intent to be used toward helping the awardee attend the Annual ASRM meeting held each October.

Selection Process: Each program will determine their awardee and submit the name to the SREI Resident Education Committee Chair.  Program directors who desire to have their resident considered for a national level award will fill out the supplemental award information listed in the initial application.  Applicants will be scored and ranked based on pre-determined criteria.  The top 20 applicants will be reviewed by the SREI Resident Education Committee.  Five awardees will be selected from this review for the national award. 

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Submission Contact:  Ryan Heitmann, DO                            email: ryan.heitmann@hsc.wvu.edu

Submission deadline: April 30, 2023

Notification: Certificates will be sent to each program in mid-May.  National award winners will be notified, along with their program director, by mid-June.

Recognition: Individual programs will recognize recipients as they deem appropriate.  Winners from each program will be posted on the SREI webpage. 



Program Level Award

1. Award recipients are determined by each program.  Any PGY-level resident is eligible. 

National Level Award

1. Same initial criteria as program level award plus the following:

2. Supplemental Application

3. CV

4. Program Director Letter of Recommendation

5. Up to one other Letter of Recommendation (optional)

Congratulations to the 2022 SREI Resident Award for Excellence in REI Award Recipients

National Award

Adriana Wong, MD UC-Davis
Arian Khorshid, MD Stanford University
Bronwyn Bedrick, MD Johns Hopkins University
Maria Dinorah Salazar Garcia, MD Mount Sinai Hospital (NY)
Michelle Vu, MD U of Rochester

Program Level Award

Adriana Wong, MD UC-Davis
Aileen Portugal, MD UC-San Francisco
Alessandra Lamari, DO SUMMA Health System
Anne Roshong, MD Madigan Army Medical Center
AnneMarie Opipari, MD U of Michigan
Arian Khorshid, MD Stanford University
Ashleigh Hemphill, MD National Capital Consortium
Aya Iwamoto, MD U of Iowa
Bassel Abouzeid, MD U of Illinois, Peoria
Bijan Morshedi, MD Eastern Virginia
Brandon Anhalt, MD U of Arizona, Tucson
Brittany Novak, MD U of Massachusetts, Chan-Baystate
Bronwyn Bedrick, MD Johns Hopkins University
Carilyn Hottman, MD Beaumont Health Dearborn
Caroline Violette, MD USC, Keck-LA County
Carolyn Brookhart, MD Kaiser Permanente, San Francisco
Celeste Bailey, MD Creighton University, Phoenix
Christina Valera, MD Hurley Medical Center
Christine Glass, MD John Peter Smith Health Network
Christine Yang, MD Weill Cornell, NY Presbyterian
Christopher Moutos, MD U of Texas Medical Branch
Coralee Toal, MD U of Pittsburgh Medical Center
Courtney Mascoe, MD Bayfront Medical Center
Cynthia Sacco, MD San Antonio Uniformed Services
Dana Siegel, MD U of Colorado
Daniela Diego, MD Emory
David Eggert, DO Medical College of Wisconsin
Elena Hogen-Esch, MD, Northwestern University
Emily Allard-Phillips, MD U of Florida
Erin Ahart, MD U of Kansas
Grace Iparraguirre, MD Monmouth Medical Center
Hayley Schultz, MD UC-San Diego
Huan Yang, MD NYC Health-Coney Island
Jawaria Amir, MD Rush University
Jennifer Chae-Kim, MD Texas A&M Scott and White
Jensen Reckhow, MD, MPH Mayo Clinic
Jessica Cheung, MD Abington-Jefferson Health
Jessica Rausch, MD Wayne State University
Jessica Tozour, MD, PhD NYU Long Island
Jonathan Buerger, MD Tower Health Reading Hospital
Josh Shaffer, MD U of Texas, Dell Medical School
Joshua Morris, MD U of Tennessee, Memphis
Joy Fatunbi, MD Thomas Jefferson University
Karishma Patel, MD Tufts Medical Center
Kathryn Schmiech, MD Virginia Commonwealth University
Keith Vrbicky, MD Creighton University
Kendall Beilak, MD Christiana Care Health System
Kristen Lilly, MD U of Tennessee
Kyle Le, MD Cooper University Healthcare
Kylie Fuller, MD West Virginia University
Laura Gemmell, MD Columbia University
Leah Cooper, MD U of Utah
Margot Gurganus, MD U of Virginia
Maria Dinorah Salazar Garcia, MD Mount Sinai Hospital (NY)
Marisa Berger, MD UCLA Medical Center
Meaghan Jain, MD Montefiore Einstein
Michelle Vu, MD U of Rochester
Minerva Lizette Rivera Pineda, MD Kern Medical Center
Molly Bergen, MD U of Tennessee, Nashville
Morgan Dillard, MD Mercy Hospital-St. Louis
Morgan Wilhoite, DO TriHealth
Munira Ali, MD Staten Island University Hospital
Navin Maredia, MD U of Minnesota
Natalie Vukmer, DO U of Tennessee, Chattanooga
Neha Chavali, MD Henry Ford Hospital System
Olivia Donnelly, MD U of Florida, Pensacola
Papri Sarkar, MD U of South Florida
Parker Murray, DO Loma Linda University
Quinn Rhodes, MD Houston Methodist
Reema Ghatnekar, MD U of Hawaii
Robyn Frankel, MD Northwell-Hofstra
Samantha Kodama, MD Georgetown University
Selena Park, MD Rutgers, Robert Wood Johnson
Shirin Azadi, MD Lehigh Valley Health Network
Starr Hilliard, MD UCSF-Fresno
Toni Horton, DO Cleveland Clinic, Akron
Victoria Bone, MD LSU, Baton Rouge
Victoria Polo, MD Ochsner Health Center
Wes Urian, MD Oregon Health Sciences University