2024 SREI Resident Award for Excellence in REI

SREI Resident Award in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility


Award Description:  This award recognizes one resident (any PGY-level) from each Ob/Gyn Residency Program in the United States, who demonstrates commitment and excellence caring for women in the field of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (REI).  The resident additionally shows a special interest, dedication, and commitment to learning in the field of human reproduction. 

Program Level Award:

Please follow the link below to nominate a resident. After May 15, a digital certificate will be sent to the program. If you would like to nominate the resident for national award consideration, please use the second link below under the National Level Award heading.

Link to Program Award Submission

National Level Award:

Five (5) awardees (program level winners) will be selected to receive a monetary award ($1500).  The monetary award will be sent to the awardees, with the intent to be used toward helping the awardee attend the Annual ASRM meeting held each October.

Link to National Award Submission

Selection Process: Each program will determine their awardee and submit the name to the SREI Resident Education Committee Chair.  Program directors who desire to have their resident considered for a national level award will fill out the supplemental award information listed in the initial application.  Supplemental information should be emailed to the contact below:

Submission Contact:  Ryan Heitmann, DO                            email: ryan.heitmann@hsc.wvu.edu

Submission deadline: May 15, 2024


Applicants will be scored and ranked based on pre-determined criteria.  The top 20 applicants will be reviewed by the SREI Resident Education Committee.  Five awardees will be selected from this review for the national award. 


Program Level Award

1. Award recipients are determined by each program.  Any PGY-level resident is eligible. 

National Level Award

1. Same initial criteria as program level award plus the following:

2. Supplemental Application

3. CV

4. Program Director Letter of Recommendation

5. Up to one other Letter of Recommendation (optional)


Notification: Program level award certificates can be downloaded by each program.  National award winners will be notified, along with their program director, by mid-June.

Recognition: Individual programs will recognize recipients as they deem appropriate.  Winners from each residency program will be posted on the SREI webpage.