Survey Request Process

Submitting Surveys

Surveys that are going to be submitted to SREI should have a cover letter to the SREI Research Committee and it should meet the following conditions:

  • The PI must be an SREI member
  • It should have scientific merit with a concise description of the background and hypothesis (limit 1 page).
  • The findings should have a reasonable chance of being published.
  • An IRB exempt status or indication of IRB approval must be stated
  • The survey should be clear, nonrepetitive, and short (5-10 minutes)
  • Surveys will be reviewed by SREI Board Research Committee and final support will be decided by the SREI Board
  • Not all surveys will be accepted by the SREI as we do not want to overburden the membership.
  • Surveys can be submitted four times/year—February 1, May 1, August 1, and November 1, and will be reviewed within 30 days. The top surveys will be considered for permission to submit to SREI members.