REI Fellowship Applications

REI Fellowship Applications

The application and interview process for REI fellowships poses a significant hardship for applicants.  We conducted a recent survey of candidates who matched to obtain data on the interview season. 

  • Only 50% of candidates were “Satisfied” or “Highly Satisfied” with “The timeliness of being offered interviews once your application was complete”
  • Only 40% were “Satisfied” or “Highly Satisfied” with “The need for timely response to interview invitations once they were offered”. 
  • Less than 25% were “Satisfied” or “Highly Satisfied” with “The overall complexity and burden of the interview application process compared to that of applying to residency”

Based on the above, the 2020 ERAS cycle will be the first year of implementation of common standards across all REI fellowships SMFM and Gyn Oncology have also implemented similar processes beginning this year. 

Guideline summary for 2020:

Friday May 1, 2020: (12PM CST): 

Deadline for receiving applications.

Friday June 5, 2020: 
Single notification date (ALL REI fellowships send out "first wave" notfications
Tuesday June 9, 2020 (12pm CST):
Initial deadline for applicants to accept or decline interview date. Additional invites can be sent at this time. 
Friday June 12, 2020 
Deadline for alerting invited candidates as to which interview date they are given (including option of waitlisting then if they cannot make the offered slot) as well as informing ALL candicates as their status (i.e. invited for interview; wait-listed; or rejected).

No decisions should be made prior to June 9th deadline for receipt of candidate responses.