Message from the President

Did you see the results of Dr. Kurt Barnhart’s recent survey of reproductive endocrinologists: 92% of reproductive endocrinologists would choose the specialty again, and 80% would recommend the career to young people! Perhaps these results are not surprising, given that we have the privilege of bringing joy to people who wish to become parents, while at the same time engaging in fascinating work. But sometimes the work can be challenging, and it can be helpful to have support from colleagues. SREI is a professional organization where reproductive endocrinologists can come together to communicate, to serve, and to form life-long friendships.

 As noted in our vision and mission statements, SREI strives to provide value to our members, fellows and residents in training, and ultimately to our patients. Active members of SREI must be board-certified reproductive endocrinologists. However, associate members (fellows in training and recent fellowship graduates) also serve very important roles within the organization. With only ~1300 board-certified reproductive endocrinologists in the United States, it is possible for us to form a close community that will help us to better care for our patients and conduct the research that will improve care.

 SREI accomplishes much of its work through committees.  For example, the Member Services Committee, currently led by Eve Feinberg and Jamie Morris, conducts an annual Practice Retreat, held during the ASRM Annual Scientific Congress and Expo, where topics relevant to running a reproductive endocrinology practice are presented and discussed. The Online Communications and Networking Committee, currently led by Lowell Ku, has developed the SREI Forum, an online meeting place that brings SREI members and associate members together to facilitate communication about clinical care and other topic important to reproductive endocrinologists and to our patients. The Fellowship Committee conducts an annual retreat for REI fellows in training and provides guidance to REI fellowship directors. The SREI Associates, currently led by Jason Franasiak and Caroline Juneau, are the future of REI. By participating in the activities and work of SREI, associate members become connected with each other as well as with more senior leaders in our specialty.

If you are eligible but not yet a member or an associate member of SREI, please join. If you are a member and wish to become more involved, please let us know. Contact Susanna Scarbrough at We will be very happy to hear from you!


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